A bright future ahead for Nintendo DSi XL


The Nintendo DSi XL handheld gaming system is set to have a technicolour makeover this spring, as three bright new colours – yellow, green & blue make their way to stores in South Africa on 8th October 2010 for all to enjoy!.

The latest iterations of the Nintendo DSi XL will offer the same functionality as the wine red and dark brown systems, featuring the same glossy sheen on top, matt finish on the underside that provides extra grip, bigger screens and wider viewing angle.

Iwata Asks

The yellow, green and blue consoles will arrive just in time for players to enjoy some enjoyable new software on offer this season. Join the supreme puzzle master Professor Layton and his young apprentice Luke in their brand new engaging adventure ‘Professor Layton and the Lost Future’ when this launches for the Nintendo DS family on 22nd October. Players can attempt to solve more than 165 brand new brain teasers, riddles and logic puzzles guaranteed to challenge and delight both newcomers and fans of the Professor Layton games.

Players with a Nintendo DSi XL will be able to experience the adventure with added comfort on a 93 percent bigger Touch Screen than the Nintendo DS Lite and with the larger pen-like stylus which comes with the Nintendo DSi XL - and now in your chosen new colour!

So get ready to be presented with a colourful choice this spring, when the new Nintendo DSi XL in yellow, green and blue launch on 8th October 2010.