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Welcome to the World of Pokémon
Welcome to the World of
You may have heard of Pokémon before, but what are they? Pokémon are creatures of all shapes and sizes. As a Pokémon Trainer, your job is to collect, train and battle your Pokémon against other Pokémon you meet on your adventure. There are over 800 different Pokémon!
Here are some examples where you can see how different they can look.

In many Pokémon games, you go on an adventure and travel through a beautiful land, exploring high and low. Usually you are trying to become the strongest Pokémon Trainer in the world. There are loads of different locations to explore, each with many Pokémon.

Check out the tropical climates of the Alola region below, for example. You can see how big the world of Pokémon can be!

Alola region
Battling with Different Pokémon Types

There are over a dozen different types of Pokémon, such as Fire Type, Normal Type, and Dragon type. For example, in the picture below you can see that Litten is a Fire-Type and Popplio is a Water-Type. Some Pokémon can be two Types, like Rowlet who is both a Grass-Type and a Flying-Type.

Types are also very important for battling. Have you ever played the game ‘rock, paper, scissors’, where you make shapes with your hand? If you have, you’ll know rock blunts scissors, scissors cut paper, and paper wraps rock – it all goes round in a big circle!

Well, Pokémon battles are very similar: every Type can be beaten by other Types. Look at the picture again: Fire defeats Grass, Grass defeats Water, and Water defeats Fire. Of course, winning a Pokémon battle depends on other things too, like how strong your Pokémon is, but basic Types are very important, so pay attention to them!

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