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The Ages

Did you know that many of your favourite Nintendo game characters actually appeared in their own video games more than 30 years ago? It’s true, and they looked quite different to the folks that you’re familiar with now.

Let’s take a trip back in time to see how these characters used to look and what they were like back then!

This famous resident of the Mushroom Kingdom first appeared over 30 years ago. His dungarees are blue now, but even back then Mario went on big adventures, stomping on baddies and saving the princess.
Peach has been ruling over the Mushroom Kingdom and taking care of her subjects for quite some time now. She still gets kidnapped by Bowser from time to time, but she’s more than capable of finding her own means of escape!
Some bad guys never change, and that’s certainly the case for Bowser! Even back then, the King of the Koopas had a pesky habit of kidnapping Peach and luring Mario to his castle for showdowns.
Donkey Kong
Did you know that this friendly Kong was once a rival of Mario’s? That’s bananas! Donkey Kong still likes to cause a bit of mayhem, but he’s far more civilised nowadays. He even wears a tie!
It turns out that everyone’s favourite pink hero was always this adorable! His appetite for adventure and ability to inhale bad guys and copy their powers is still present, too.

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