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Mushroom Kingdom
Welcome to the

Mushroom Kingdom!

The Mushroom Kingdom is where many colourful characters live. You will often find them adventuring, partying or even racing each other in karts – there's always lots going on!

So why not say 'Hi!' to some of the stars of the Mushroom Kingdom? They would love to meet you – Bowser might be a bit grumpy though!

Click on a character to find out all about them!
Mario is the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom who is always on an adventure, usually rescuing Princess Peach from bad guy Bowser! He can grab Power-Ups that let him throw fireballs, become really big or even act like a cat!
Luigi is Mario’s younger brother and he may be a bit shy but he is still a devoted hero with a very high jump. He can also be a little clumsy but Luigi always overcomes his fear whenever it is adventure time!
Yoshi is part of the Mushroom Kingdom gang, and often gives Mario piggybacks. Yoshi catches enemies with a long tongue, and even swallows them whole! Listen out for the catchphrase: ‘Yoshiiiiiiiiiii!’
Peach is the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom. She keeps a watchful eye on her subjects but often gets kidnapped by the villainous Bowser. She is no softy, though, and is always prepared to fight her corner!
Toad is Peach’s friend and subject who often helps out during exciting exploits in the Mushroom Kingdom. Do not ignore him because of his small size – he is very quick, which helps him escape sticky situations!
Bowser is the Mushroom Kingdom villain, and is also called ‘King of the Koopas’. He is in love with Peach, and tries to defeat Mario with devious plans. Being big-headed is Bowser’s weakness, and he always gets angry with his minions when Mario ruins his schemes!

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