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Kirby Fun Facts!
Fun Facts!

Get ready to think pink! Kirby is a pink puffball, with rosy cheeks and big red feet. While he may be small in stature, that doesn’t stop him from going on great big adventures! Find out more about his many escapades below!

Kirby lives in Dream Land on Planet Popstar. It is a very beautiful place with lots of lush grass, and quiet spots for Kirby to take a nap in.
Kirby is a very kind character, and greets everyone he meets with a cheerful, positive attitude.
When Kirby isn’t busy saving Dream Land, his favourite pastimes are sleeping and, especially, eating. He is definitely not a fussy eater!
Kirby can inhale enemies, which gives him their abilities. He has many abilities to choose from, including Ice, Beam and Ninja!
Sometimes, Kirby can change shape into awesome things like a tank, submarine and even a rocket! This helps Kirby take on bad guys with different types of attacks, like firing missiles and torpedoes.
King Dedede is the ruler of Dream Land. He can most often be seen wearing his royal gown and carrying a large wooden hammer. His greed and selfishness often lead him into mischief – and Kirby often gets into a tangle with him!
With his metallic mask, golden sword, and big wings, Meta Knight is a very cool knight! He is one of Kirby's rivals, and Kirby often has to battle him to win the day!
Waddle Dees can be found throughout many of Kirby’s adventures. Sometimes they’re in the background, and sometimes they’ll even act as helpers.

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