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It's All About Mii!

Did you know you can create a tiny digital version of yourself to use in many Nintendo games? This is called a Mii, and there’s a stack of fun to be had making the perfect little you!

TIP – if you have more than one Mii, they’re known as Mii Characters, not Miis!

You can make your Mii directly from your Nintendo platform, either from scratch, or by taking a selfie as a starting point! Whatever you decide, you’ll get to adjust whether you’re a boy or girl, your height and shape, plus everything else from hairstyle and eye colour, to your nickname and favourite colour! Get experimenting!

What Can My Mii Do?
Your Mii is your own little representative in the world of Nintendo.
In some games you can put yourself in the game…
There are even specific games for Mii characters: StreetPass Mii Plaza games

You can also meet up with other Mii characters in Miiverse – where Nintendo fans get together to talk about games.

Share Your Mii Characters!
Guess what? You can even send and receive Mii characters – check the handbook that came with your console or handheld system for details. Once you’ve done that, make sure you look out for your friends popping up in unexpected places!

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