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Introducing Captain Toad!

Captain Toad!

Captain Toad is a member of the Toad species and loves exploring, but gets scared when faced with danger. Captain Toad likes to go on adventures with Toadette to collect treasure.
Wingo is a gigantic bird who likes shiny objects like Power Stars. While Captain Toad likes to search for treasure honestly, Wingo likes to steal Power Stars using his big claws.
Captain Toad travels through locations like Wild West towns, tropical aquariums and eerie haunted houses, all filled with dangerous enemies and obstacles.
After a day of tracking treasure, Captain Toad likes resting by an open fire at night. He stores his hoard of Coins in his tent.
Captain Toad meets many baddies on his adventures. Sometimes he'll have to hide from spooky Boos or Shy Guys, and he even has to dodge Goombas that charge straight at him!
Captain Toad can smash through many obstacles in his way by using a Super Pickaxe.
Captain Toad's rucksack is heavy, which means he can't jump! However, it lets him explore underwater places for sunken treasures without floating to the surface.
Pluck Patches are like plants that Captain Toad can pull from the ground to find treasure. Sometimes they reveal Turnips, which Captain Toad can throw at enemies!
Captain Toad also meets a fire-breathing dragon named Draggadon. This beast doesn't like being disturbed, so Captain Toad must sneak around when Draggadon is nearby!

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