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Discover Animal Crossing
Animal Crossing is a wide world of exciting opportunity! You can move to a new town full of cute animals, and live your life any way you want.
Everybody spends their days fishing, decorating their homes, visiting the shops and more!
There are loads of new neighbours to meet! As the days pass, you’re sure to become firm friends. You can visit your new pals, write them letters, do little jobs for them, and they may even give you presents!
So much to see and do
In the world of Animal Crossing, the weather changes, and seasons come and go at the same time as real life!
There’s always something going on throughout the year, and many different events to enjoy – some take place every week, while others only occur on special occasions.
There's always plenty to do, from competing in bug-hunting tournaments, to helping ring in the New Year at the town plaza!
Fun with friends
Life in Animal Crossing is all about sharing, and real-life friends can visit each other's towns for even more fun! You can play games together, chat to the town's animals, or just explore the shops.
Different fruit grows in each town too, so why not ask your friend for a piece of their town's fruit to take back and plant in your own town?
And you never know, one of their villagers might even move to your town one day!

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