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Adventuring with Link!

Adventuring with Link!

Are you ready for an epic quest? Find out what Link gets up to on his legendary adventures in the colourful kingdom of Hyrule.


Link can explore Hyrule any way he chooses, covering great distances atop his trusty horse Epona. On other quests, Link uses other forms of travel, such as a boat, a train or a sailcloth to glide safely through the air.

There are many places all over Hyrule that different tribes call home. By helping them out, they might reward Link with something to help him on his way!

Discover Dungeons

During his adventures, Link will explore dungeons and shrines where puzzles, monsters and special items await!

To overcome the trials inside, Link must think up smart solutions to puzzles using the items at his disposal and collect keys that open locked doors.

He can also use a map and compass to help find chests, which contain rupees and other helpful items, and navigate the dungeon more easily.

A powerful boss monster awaits Link in each dungeon, ready to put his skills to the test! Trust your instincts, Link!

Items & Gear

To protect himself from danger, Link always carries a sword and shield with him. He can also make use of other items and equipment found in dungeons and all over Hyrule. Some enemies will even drop items that Link can use himself!

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Hero’s Bow

Fire arrows to hit objects and baddies that are far away

Magical melodies

On top of being a hero, Link can also play lots of different musical instruments. Whether he’s playing lullabies on the Ocarina of Time or using a magical baton called the Wind Waker to control the wind, music has always played a big part in Link’s adventures.

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