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Nintendo-themed hanging decorations

Create your own Nintendo-themed hanging decorations!

You Will Need:

  • A pair of scissors
  • A hole punch or pencil
  • String or wool
  • Sticky tape


Step 1: Ask a grown-up to help you cut around the decorations, following the dashed lines.

Step 2: Make a hole where the white circles are, using either a hole punch or a pencil.

Step 3: Thread a piece of string through each hole, then join the ends of each piece of string using sticky tape. Now, get hanging!

Tip: If you’d like the decorations to be a little thicker, you could always stick them to a piece of card first.

Click on the links below to open the Nintendo-themed hanging decorations PDFs, then print onto A4 paper.

Ask a grown-up to help you cut out the decorations.

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