Rumble Pak


Another ground-breaking (and hand-shuddering) first from Nintendo. Slot the Rumble Pak into the back of the Nintendo 64 controller and you'll feel the power of the Nintendo 64. Compatible games deliver signals to the Rumble Pak that sends a small motor inside crazy, jiggling the Rumble Pak and the whole joypad in your hand. The bigger the on-screen event, the stronger the sensation - and you only need two AAA batteries for around 50-60 hours of force feedback fun.

Look for the Rumble Pak icon on Game Paks that support this accessory.

Transfer Pak


As the name suggests, the Transfer Pak allows data, high-scores, characters and other data to be transferred between your Game Boy Color Game Paks and Nintendo 64. There's little that beats the thrill of transferring your Pokémon from Game Boy to Nintendo 64 and cheering them on as they clatter with friends' monsters in breathtaking 3D. Magic!

Look for the Transfer Pak icon on Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Color Game Paks that support this accessory. The full list is:

Nintendo 64 - Mario Golf, Mario Tennis, Mickey's Speedway USA, Pokémon Stadium, Pokémon Stadium 2

Game Boy - Mario Golf, Mario Tennis, Mickey's Speedway USA, Pokémon Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver and Crystal.

Controller Pak


Most Nintendo 64 games save your progress straight to the Game Pak, but others require the use of this clever piece of plastic and metal, the Controller Pak. It's not just a must for some titles as it can also be used as an optional extra for saving race replays and high-scores, then re-loading the data onto a friend's Nintendo 64. A Controller Pak has room for 123 'pages' of save game data.

Look for the Controller Pak icon on Game Paks that support this accessory.

Expansion Pak


Selected Nintendo 64 titles pump out bigger, better, brighter visuals when the Expansion Pak is slotted into the top of the system. But that's only half the story. This tiny slab of miracle technology adds 4 megabytes of memory to the Nintendo 64, which developers can exploit in myriad exciting ways aside from improved graphics. Perhaps the game will feature more massive levels; perhaps your enemies will be more intelligent; maybe sound will be crisper. Whatever the case, you can be sure that Expansion Pak-compatible games will offer you plenty of bang for your buck. (The Expansion Pak will have no effect on non-compatible games).

Look for the Expansion Pak icon on Game Paks that support this accessory.

Donkey Kong 64 and The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask require the use of the Expansion Pak. Perfect Dark runs in a restricted mode without the Expansion Pak.