Nintendo 3DS Image Share Service


Share your favourite game moments with friends

The Nintendo 3DS Image Share service makes it easy to show off special moments from your favourite games! Simply take a screenshot and share it directly on Twitter or Facebook – or both at the same time.


Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

Show off your favourite projects in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer! After you've created a dream home for one of your animal friends, you can also invite other animals to visit with amiibo and set up perfect photo opportunities!


Tomodachi Life

Share your stories in Tomodachi Life! When you put your favourite Mii characters into your game surprising things can happen! Make sure you capture every crazy, hilarious, weird thing that happens by snapping a screenshot to share with your mates!


Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Give everybody a glimpse of your town in Animal Crossing: New Leaf! Show off new outfits, share your latest room layout, or grab a snap of you and your friends strutting your stuff at Club LOL!

Point your Nintendo 3DS internet browser to the following page to get started!

How to post images

*Your Nintendo 3DS family system needs to be connected to the Internet.

**You must have a Twitter or Facebook account in order to use this service.

Please note that you may only post images and comments using the Nintendo 3DS Image Share service. You must access your Facebook or Twitter accounts separately to update account information or edit and/or delete your posts.

Please review the applicable terms of use and privacy policies for Twitter and/or Facebook before posting.


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