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    Level up with Nintendo! Find all the information you need about career prospects and interesting job openings at Nintendo in Europe right here.
    Working at Nintendo

    Start your career at Nintendo!

    Nintendo is quite simply a special company, and special people have made us what we are with their commitment, talents, creativity and professionalism. We aim to create an environment in which all employees can fully demonstrate their individual strengths and realise their maximum potential.

    Company Culture

    At Nintendo, we bring together employees with a wide range of characteristics and work together towards a common goal. Providing our employees with a working environment that empowers them is of paramount importance. In addition, it is critical that we, as a global corporation, foster awareness of our social responsibilities within our employees.

    Our CEO, Mr. Koji Miyake, describes the work philosophy at Nintendo of Europe with these three concepts:

    One of Nintendo's strong points is that we are a team of individuals who independently create new value. It’s important that each individual thinks and acts for themselves. Our employees take the initiative and work diligently according to their beliefs.

    Nintendo has faced the greatest changes in its business environment in the past several decades, and we cannot rely on past success. Employees must have a high awareness of their role as stakeholders in responding to changes. As a company we ask all employees to challenge themselves in their roles, every day.

    Collaboration is essential in achieving our goals. Nintendo comprises many individuals with diverse values working in a range of job categories, who work together toward a shared goal. Collaboration doesn’t necessarily mean there aren’t conflicting ideas; the primary objective of collaboration is working together to achieve results that cannot be achieved by any individual alone. It’s important to think things over by yourself, as doing so ensures effective collaboration because you’re better able to communicate your views or ideas. Nintendo needs to be made up of individuals who make continual efforts to collaborate effectively.


    European Headquarters

    Nintendo of Europe's offices are based in the city of Frankfurt am Main, a bustling metropolis in the state of Hesse, in Germany.

    Frankfurt is a global hub for business, commerce, culture and tourism, and its airport is one of the world’s busiest! The beautiful river Main runs through the centre of the city, which includes areas of classic old town architecture, sandwiched with the modern buildings of its famous ‘Mainhattan’ skyline.

    Nintendo of Europe's offices can be found in a quiet area on the outskirts of the city, offering a pleasant, relaxing location and workspace.

    Diversity at Nintendo

    Nintendo is an equal-opportunities employer, and everyone is welcome in the Nintendo family regardless of gender, ethnicity, ableness, or sexual orientation. There’s room for everyone.

    Benefits of Working at Nintendo of Europe

    If your application is successful and you need help finding a new home in Frankfurt, Nintendo can support with individual relocation packages. We’ll also provide plenty of information on the German social security system, and an overview of the German working regulations.

    A special vacation day is available for moving house, as well as for other big events such as your wedding or the birth of your child. The company offers parental leave, child care support, and flexible working time models for employees who start a family. Your friendly Human Resources Team is available to offer advice on any of these matters, and will help to negotiate and arrange them with your superior.

    We offer flexible working time models, 30 days of vacation per year for all full-time employees, and an additional 13 days of public holidays on top of your vacation allowance. Additionally, you’ll receive 15 meal vouchers per month, with a value of €5 per voucher, which are accepted at our in-house canteen, and in many of the canteens and supermarkets near our office.

    Free coffee, tea and water is available in the break room on each floor. To relax at break time, we have a dedicated employee area where everyone can enjoy some of the most recent games on our latest consoles, or play old-school titles on classic Nintendo systems. Here you can meet for lunch, take a nap in a hammock, relax on a giant beanbag, play a match of table football or browse through our employee shop, which offers a variety of software, gaming hardware, accessories and merchandise at a discounted price exclusively for employees.

    People tend to stay as part of the Nintendo family for an average of nine years, but we have a number of employees who’ve been with us for more than 25 years – since the very start of Nintendo of Europe! We reward our employees for their loyalty, starting with a gift in the fifth year of employment, and with anniversaries celebrated every five years after that.

    Here’s a summary of the benefits we offer:

    • Annual holiday (for full-time employees): 30 days
    • Public holidays in addition to annual holiday allowance: 13 days
    • Special leave for specific occasions
    • Flexible working hours: core time is Monday to Friday 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (exceptions apply)
    • Occupational pension
    • Overtime pay-outs
    • Half-year and end-of-year bonuses
    • Child Care Allowance: max. amount of €250 per month per child  
    • Meal vouchers: 15 per month, with a value of €5 per voucher
    • In-house canteen which accepts meal vouchers
    • Complimentary coffee, tea and water available in the equipped kitchen on each floor
    • Employee area for dining, gaming and relaxing
    • Special rates and discounts including corporate benefits, yearly transport ticket price reduction, reduced cost home internet and more
    • In-house shop offering employee discounts on hardware, software and other Nintendo products   
    • Annual merchandise sale for employees
    • Gifts for employment anniversaries (every five years)
    • Free eyesight test, flu vaccinations and in-house consultation hours with company doctor
    • Cost sharing for computer glasses
    • In-house yoga course available for a reduced price
    • Group accident insurance
    • New Employees induction day

    We’re always working hard to make our employees smile, and while this is just an overview of the benefits we offer, we’re constantly striving to improve our service. Employees will always find an open ear in the Human Resources Team.