Snipperclips – Cut it out, together!

Snipperclips – Cut it out, together!

System: Nintendo Switch Release date: 03/03/2017
Snipperclips – Cut it out, together!
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Snipperclips – Cut it out, together!


Meet Snip and Clip – a pair of papery pals who just love to solve puzzles!

Whether there’s a shape to be filled in, a basketball to dunk or a hamster to help out, Snip and Clip are always prepared to do what it takes to solve the problem.

By carefully cutting each other into useful shapes…


… – yes, just like that – they can find the right forms to fix anything!


Nice job!

(And don’t worry, at the end of each puzzle our heroes grow back to their original forms. Magic!)

See Snip and Clip in action in the videos section

Cutting it fine

Snipperclips – Cut it out, together! on Nintendo Switch is an action-puzzle game that’s all about communicating, co-operating and cutting out. Enjoy two-player puzzles where teamwork is key anytime, anywhere, with anyone. Grab a Joy-Con and pass another to a friend to play on the TV or in tabletop mode. You’ll have to be a cut above the rest to solve all these situations!

Find out how to play


Play with pals

You don’t need two players to enjoy Snip and Clip’s adventures though – let’s snip that in the bud right now! Play through worlds of puzzles solo or as a pair, or take on bigger riddles in a party of two to four players. Up to four players can even face off in team battles!

If you’re playing by yourself, you can also play in handheld mode.

Check out the modes

Free demo*

A Snipperclips – Cut it out, together! demo will be available to download from March 3rd, directly from this website** or via Nintendo eShop on your system.


Joy-Con bundle

For a limited time from March 3rd, a download code for Snipperclips – Cut it out, together! is included with a special Joy-Con bundle containing a set of two coloured Joy-Con (neon red/neon blue). Check with your local retailer for availability.

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How to Play

Clean cut

Snipperclips – Cut it out, together! is all about making shapes to solve all sorts of puzzles. Snip and Clip can trim away at each other, changing their forms to overcome challenges big and small.

You and a friend can each pick up a Joy-Con to play together co-operatively, each taking control of either Snip or Clip. If you feel like playing solo, you can swap between both Snip and Clip on the fly.


Snip and spin

To make the perfect cut, just position your character’s body so it overlaps the other character, then snip away! Snip and Clip can rotate their bodies 360 degrees, stand on their tiptoes or duck. With communication and co-ordination, plus a little wiggling around, you can contour them to your exact needs.


Ended up a bit out of shape? You can re-form Snip or Clip and try again whenever you want, as many times as you like. If you’ve only made one little mistake, you can also quickly undo your last move.

Get in shape

Snip and Clip are super-versatile, and they’re happy to make any shapes!

They can…

Once you’ve made the shapes you need, it’s time to solve whatever puzzle’s in front of you. Being in good shape is often only the half of it, though – you’ll need to work together and move in sync, too. You might need to balance on top of each other, jump to reach items or freeze in the perfect position!

Shape up

Let’s look at an example.


See that outline in the middle? We need to position Snip and Clip over it exactly, so that the meter at the top of the screen fills up.

Hmmm…how to start…? The shape looks like Snip and Clip standing next to each other with their bodies rotated horizontally, right?


They’re going over the lines, though, so we need to trim them down a little.


Oh! That looks good! Now your turn…


Even better! Now, let’s just carefully move into place, aaaand…



Puzzle it out

It’s not all filling in the blanks, though – puzzles unfold in plenty of other ways, too.


Pop those balloons! You’ll need a sharp mind for this one.


Slam the ball into the basket however you can. Nothing but net!


Sharpen a pencil. Stay away from the business end of that, guys…

And that’s just the start! No matter what the puzzle, a solution is always just a snip and a clip away. Well, maybe a few snips and clips away…just remember to keep communicating, and you’re sure to find the answer!

See what modes await Snip and Clip



Paper trails

As a co-operative duo or in single-player, help Snip and Clip solve dozens of puzzles in World mode. Journey through notebooks, retro worlds and beyond, matching shapes, catching fireflies, reuniting frogs with their lost children, and other silly scenarios!

Crew cut

Two to four players can join the fun in Party mode. These dynamic puzzle extravaganzas expand upon some of the puzzles found in World mode. Whether you’re teaming up to match more complicated shapes or scoring a basket by passing the ball through a series of obstacles, you’ll all need to be on the same page if you’ve got any chance of success!

Cut off

Blitz mode is all about competition for two to four players. Engage in team-based games and do whatever it takes to win: race to score baskets in Hoops, smash the puck into your opponents’ net in Hockey, or go head-to-head in a Dojo battle, where the winners are the ones who cut their opponents down to size the quickest!

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