Kirby Super Star Ultra

Kirby Super Star Ultra

System: Nintendo DS Release date: 18/09/2009
Kirby Super Star Ultra
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Everyone’s favourite powerful pink puffball is back in the biggest collection of Kirby games to date!  Help Kirby take on King Dedede in a classic rematch in Kirby Super Star Ultra for Nintendo DS.

Kirby Super Star Ultra has its roots in the classic Kirby’s Fun Pak, which debuted on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1996. There are 16 different games for you to enjoy, which are a mixture of both traditional platforming levels and rapid-reaction mini-games. With updated visuals, new rendered cut scenes, three brand new mini-games and modified difficulty levels, Kirby Super Star Ultra offers the best of traditional gaming, enhanced with the latest technology! 

Kirby’s a ball with amazing abilities – he bounces, he flies and, most importantly, he eats. This little fellow swallows food and enemies with a gusto that rivals a ravenous football team at an all-you-can-eat buffet. He needs the normal food items to keep up his stamina, but there’s another special function that allows the mild-mannered Kirby to transform into a whole range of different characters. Whenever Kirby swallows an enemy and hits the down button on the +Control Pad, he takes on the abilities of the enemy he’s swallowed.

Even more amazing is that hitting the X Button after this gorging causes the enemy to reappear as your helper – which can be controlled by the CPU or one of your friends.  See how many different abilities you can find – and which ones you like best!

There’s a mind-boggling mixture of platform games on offer that get unlocked as you progress through the game. For example, in Spring Breeze, you get to grips with the Kirby basics as you hunt after King Dedede round a classic platforming world. In The Great Cave Offensive, your goal grows arms and legs as you try and locate 60 different treasures hidden throughout various levels for you to explore. Gourmet Race pits you directly against King Dedede as you race through three different courses, trying to reach checkpoints and gobble up grub faster than your winged nemesis. Jump into arena-style boss fights and even don the mantle of none other than Meta Knight to become the strongest warrior of the universe! 

While you play the main action games using the Nintendo DS buttons, the three new mini-games are played using the DS stylus and Touch Screen. These tasks challenge your sense of timing and reaction speed as you attempt to match cards at high velocity in Kirby Card Swipe, or shoot down the targets in Kirby on the Draw – watch out for the bombs!

If you want to share the Kirby experience, you can get together with up to three of your mates and play multiplayer – a selection of the games is even available for Download Play. In the platform games, one friend takes control of your helper, while four people can take on the challenge of the five mini-games together and duke it out.

Whether you’re a Kirby fanatic or first-timer, you’ll find plenty to keep you occupied in Kirby Super Star Ultra, only on Nintendo DS.

  • The biggest collection of Kirby games to date
  • Play as Kirby and work your way through eleven platform games and five mini-games
  • Play five games as Super Smash Bros. Brawl favourite Meta Knight
  • Enjoy updated graphics, games and enemies on the Nintendo DS
  • Play co-op with a friend in the platform levels or take on up to three friends in the multiplayer mini-games

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